What are the three preventive measures to avoid defects when using the edge milling machine

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At present, in the boiler, pressure vessel manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, chemical machinery, engineering machinery manufacturing, for all kinds of low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate and aluminum plate before welding groove processing, beveling, straight edge, U-shaped groove is an important equipment, through the use of this equipment can make product processing smoothly, improve work efficiency When using it, we will encounter some unexpected defects, so we must find out the corresponding methods to solve these problems and promote the normal operation of the work. So what should we do? To prevent the occurrence of these defects, please see our three major solutions and preventive measures.

1. Effective control of steel plate quality:

High strength and high-power groove vertical roller is used to control the left and right runout of the plate, and the supporting roller is used to prevent the plate from jumping up and down, and the leveling control is strengthened to make the flatness of the steel plate consistent.

2. Selection and installation accuracy of blade:

In order to adapt to the characteristics of high efficiency pipeline continuous operation, the edge milling machine blade is required to have high thermal shock resistance and plastic deformation resistance, high red hardness, good wear resistance, good impact resistance, and convenient and fast replacement. Therefore, high-quality coated cemented carbide blade is selected.

3. Reasonable cutting process parameters:

According to the actual situation of production, reasonable selection of milling process, in the case of ensuring production, try to use single edge milling process, so as to reduce the milling defects and easy to process, select the appropriate working width can not only reduce the probability of off milling. At the same time, the service life of the blade can be ensured to the greatest extent, so as to improve the machining accuracy. Theoretically, the milling amount of 8-10 mm is generally selected.

The above are the three preventive measures to avoid defects when using the edge milling machine. I hope the majority of operators must pay attention to it before using. The successful application of the edge milling machine reduces the consumption of the plate and greatly improves the groove forming rate, thus laying a good quality foundation for the follow-up welding forming work.

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